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    hot mamas fit camp was created with mothers and mothers-to-be in mind  * our goal is to give you the tools to empower yourself, build your physical & mental strength, cultivate inner peace and to pump you with inspiration  and passion for your life as an individual

     *this santa monica fitness class for moms is designed for a woman’s body *

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    * after years of working with prenatal, postnatal and seasoned mothers we witnessed first hand just how challenging being a mother is* it is time to get back to you  * it is time to give your body & spirit some love * so often in life mothers sacrifice their individualism and freedom to do a beautiful thing which is to nurture their family  we know that is wonderful but we also know one of the most important parts of being a good mother and partner is to be stronghealthyhappy and at peace *

    this is for the love of you .



    after spending lots of time working with mothers we’ve tried to make our fit camp schedule a “doable” part of everyday life. over years of collecting gems from lots of research and experience we’ve  learned that the body goes through stages so we’ve set our timeline based on periodization. each phase lasts between 4-6 weeks. with that in mind our hot mamas fit camp is structured based on 3 month periods. because we know the importance of giving the body time to recharge, renew and refresh after 90 days we take a 1 week break. during this time we suggest you continue stretching, walking, drinking lots of water and getting lots of rest. although mamas can join at any point of the year we program classes with the idea that everyone will choose hot mamas fit camp as their primary provider for movement, meditation, fun, and meeting moms. every month we add new awesome workouts to keep the body guessing. are you ready?


    kid care is subject to change based on class size. please contact me for questions or concerns.


    time requests

    we aim to please. if we get enough requests for the time we will add the class.

    we set up on the actual beach by the water!!! straight out from navy st. 

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