• sara haley

    Sara Haley is a nationally certified trainer and instructor with over twenty years of dance and fitness training. She is a Reebok Global Master Trainer, willPower Method® Teacher Trainer, and a Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist. Her experience ranges from presenting fitness programs internationally to training celebrities to developing her own workout series, The Daily Sweat™. Visitwww.sarahaley.com for more information.


    Experience a unique, full-body, barefoot cardio-sculpting workout with the intensity of boot-camp, the self-awareness of yoga, and the discipline of Pilates with Sara Haley. The formatted movement progressions are taught with positive, uplifting philosophy to increase your self-confidence and show you results. This class is for students of all levels.
    willPower & grace is also barefoot cardio-sculpt training program that offers safe & effective alternatives for pregnancy.  willPower provides the cardiovascular training to keep you fit for the duration of your pregnancy, the conditioning to maintain the integrity of your posture as your baby grows,  the flexibility & mobility to keep your joints open and ready for labor, and the philosophy to keep you feeing empowered and strong.